Rita Ban-Gagyi

Last Seen : Heiligenblut, Austria
4 September, 2013

On 4 September 2013, Hungarian tourist Rita Bangagyi, mysteriously disappeared without a trace from the town of Heilegenblut, Austria. Rita left her accommodation at 11.30am for a day hike. There was an unconfirmed sighting of her in the village later that afternoon at 19.45 – she never made it back to her accommodat...

Nationality : Hungarian, Magyar

Age : 40

Hair Color : Brown

Eye Color : Brown

Height : 57

Weight : 51

Contact Details

Phone : 43591332225

Ryan Chambers

Last Seen : Rishikesh, Sri Ved Niketan Ashram, India
24 August, 2005

MISSING: Ryan had been in India for around 6 weeks travelling with a friend John, when he disappeared on the morning of 24 August, 2005 from the Sri Ved Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, Northern India, where he was staying. Ryan and his friend experienced some culture shock when they arrived in India, their original int...

Nationality : Australian

Age : 32

Hair Color : Brown

Eye Color : Brown

Height : 120

Weight : 50

Contact Details

Phone : 00151399900

Umit Aslim

Last Seen : Humde, Nepal
18 February, 2014

Ümit Aslim arrived in Nepal on 11 February, 2014. He contacted his family the previous day, mentioning that he purchased a trekking ticket for the Annapurna Circuit in Besi Sahar, issued for a 5 days period from 13-18 February. His trekking permit (TIMS) was issued for Annapurna Circuit, but strangely enough he purcha...

Nationality : German

Age : 39

Hair Color : Black

Eye Color : Brown

Height : 175

Weight : 0

Contact Details

Olivier Glaise

Last Seen : Lo Manthang, Nepal
18 July, 2008

Olivier left the villiage of Jomson, to go trekking in the Annapurna region of the Nepalese Himalayas. To save money, he had decided not to hire a guide and he ventured away from the main trekking route, perhaps to avoid a new motor road being constructed at the time.

Nationality : French

Age : 34

Hair Color : Black

Eye Color : Grey

Height : 5.11

Weight : 76

Contact Details

Phone : 014412332