Missing Pages Initiative

Missing Pages Program.

Each year thousand of tourists go missing while abroad. Time is critical and families may be faced with language barriers, foreign customs, laws, bureaucracy, corruption, lack of resources or even natural disasters and war. Most governments are limited in the support they can and will provide. Missing Pages provides a valuable resource for the families of missing travelers, with our online ‘location targeted’ ad campaigns instantly reaching 100,000s of people. Campaigns are created in the local language, with leads passed onto family or relevant authorities.

Since 2013 we have conducted over 30 International campaigns for missing travelers at no cost to families. These campaigns have involved liaison with Embassies, Police, Media and Search and Rescue, as well as encouraging missing person poster distribution with locals. Moving from our previous entity, Blackbook Traveler, we are proud to extend the Missing Pages Initiative to the Ok Away App, so the travel community can now play an active role in the search for missing travellers worldwide.

Our Campaigns

Below is a snapshot of our campaigns for missing travelers. Please click on a selected campaign to read about our work.