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  • Location Sharing

    ⚬ View mapped location, travel history and local time of the people you care about.

  • Travel Plan Updates

    ⚬ Receive an alert when a new itinerary is created for long haul journeys, day trips or a night out in town.

    ⚬ Notifications sent for arrival, departure or failure to arrive at key destinations.

    ⚬ Store travel insurance details and other information such as contacts for new travelling companions that family can access.

  • Smart Notifications

    ⚬ Create place alerts for others and receive notifications when they arrive or leave any world location.

    ⚬ See current battery levels for all connections and receive an alert if battery levels are running low.

    ⚬ Easily control your privacy, notifications and location sharing.

Next level safety

Travel warnings

⚬ All members will receive travel warnings for their own location and the location of their follower’s.

⚬ Alerts can be easily controlled in the apps settings.

Inactivity alert

⚬ Receive an alert if your family or friends have been inactive on their phone for more than 14 hours.

Missing traveler alert

⚬ Too often, it is days or weeks before the search for a missing traveler begins. Ok Away provides a lifeline of data location, travel history, plans and contacts.

⚬ If a loved one is reported missing, an alert will be sent to our app community members in that area and details will be shared on the community map.

⚬ We will further engage locals and travelers through our Missing Pages Initiative and social media ad campaigns.

Added Protection

Ok Away offer a range of travel safety items, which make terrific gifts and provide added protection for family and friends heading abroad. Part of our proceeds, go directly towards supporting our Missing Pages Initiative and the Ok Away App.

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