Tomas Princzkel

Last Seen : Dingboche, Everest Region, Nepal
21 April, 2014

Nationality : Slovak

Age : 14

Hair Color : Black

Eye Color : Blue

Height : 0     Weight : 0

Tamas Princzkel, a Hungarian-speaking Slovakian citizen, has been missing in the Everest region, since 21 April. Tamas was last seen in Dingboche, where he stayed at a local hotel on April 20. He had breakfast or lunch there the next morning. On April 22, the owner of the hotel looked in his room, but Tamas was not there. The owner suspecting his disappearance notified the local police. The police opened the room and then found his equipment and personal belongings there. This was Tamas's third visit to Nepal, as part of a bike ride around the world. Authorities in Nepal have been searching for the Slovak. On April 25-26, a helicopter was deployed to search for him, with the son of the Slovak honorary consul in Kathmandu on board. Tamas's cell phone is ringing, but no one is answering. The embassy is working with local authorities to find his whereabouts. Pleased contact Tamas's brother Daniel if you have any information or can assist in any way at Email: Please share this information on social media using hashtag #FindTamas

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