Jacqueline Nicole Vienneau

Last Seen : Hamah, Cairo Hotel, Syrian Arab Republic
31 March, 2007

Nationality : Canadian

Age : 32

Hair Color : Brown

Eye Color : Brown

Height : 56     Weight : 130

Jacqueline “Nicole” Vienneau, went missing on a Saturday morning, 31 March 2007, last seen at 8.30am by a desk clerk where she was staying at the Cairo Hotel, Hama, Syria (just 2 hours north of Damascus). Her backpack was left in her room at the hotel along with her camera, guidebook and journals. It was thought she may have been going to visit nearby tourist attractions, “Beehive Houses” and a castle called “Qasr ibn Wardan" the day she went missing, although none of the local mini bus drivers remember seeing her. No one at these infrequently visited locations recall seeing Nicole either. There was one person of interest whose name was in the visitor book, who still remains to be tracked down, in hope that he remembers something unusual about that day. This man’s name is Amin Ben Yahia, born in 1984 of Algerian/Swiss nationality, father is Abbas and his mothers name is Monica. He wrote in the visitor book in Arabic. REWARD OFFERED OF 2,250,00 SYRIAN POUNDS OR EQUIVALENT FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO NICOLE Please contact your local Canadian embassy or email mattv99@hotmail.com with information.

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