Linus Westermann

Last Seen : Manang, Nepal
22 September, 2013

Nationality : German

Age : 26

Hair Color : Blond

Eye Color : Blue

Height : 176     Weight : 0

Linus Westermann arrived in Nepal early September to trek the Annapurna Circuit. He booked a 12 day trek through an Adventure trekking company based in Kathmandu, with the option to extend the trek if possible after the 12 days. Six days into the trip it seemed that Linus was struggling mentally, some suggestions were made that this may have been a form of altitude sickness. At 10 days into the trek he seemed to have a mental breakdown and couldn't recognise his own belongings amongst other things. On day 12 of the trek Linus was taken to Manang by motorbike for a medical checkup. The Manang Hospital was closed, so Linus was taken to the ACAP Office (Annapurna Conversation Area Project). When Linus's porter returned to collect him, he was told Linus had left to take a walk to the Gangapurna Lake and into the hills. He was wearing only a T-shirt and jeans. This was the last time Linus was ever seen. Search and Rescue dogs Nepal were employed to search for Linus but no trace of him was found. If you have any information regarding the whereabout of Linus Westerman please contact Director, Search Operations, Mr. Jit Bahadur Masrangi Magar, SAR Dog Nepal on Email:

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